A New Generation of Computing Architecture

designed for Big Data Analytics & AI

Fermat is a high performance computation solution:

An analytic engine fully integrated with high capacity Flash-based Storage through a patent pending Data-Aware Architecture.

Fermat functions not only as a high performance computation engine but also as a mass storage device:

Data is growing faster than conventional processing speed


Existing hardware architectures fail at addressing massive datasets


Fermat hardware goes beyond Von Neumann architecture to allow Big Data processing without any bottleneck

Unprecedented performance on massive amount of data

Fermat solution parallelizes analytics across data and linearly scale performance as data grows.

Up to 30x faster
than conventional architectures

Up to 1000x cost savings
compared to cloud computing offers

Up to 400% more energy efficient

Flexible solution designed for Big Data Analytics & AI

Fermat hardware comes in several form factors. One Fermat module can store and process up to 32TB of raw data.

Pre-compiled library of popular algorithms
Such as basic Mathematics & Statistics, Monte Carlo, TensorFlow, etc

Software adoption with minimal friction
As simple as opening, reading/writing data, calling a C or Python function

Fermat can be implemented…

…in the Cloud

…at the Edge

…within a Datacenter

Fermat addresses the growing needs for powerful Big Data Analytics and AI solutions over the most-demanding industries:

Finance & Banking

Biotech & Pharmaceutical

IoT & Edge Computing

Security Agencies

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